Own the Cross Keys VIP Card

The old cross keys

 We think it’s the deal of the year!


We are delighted to offer to our best friends (and their best friends) the opportunity to become the owner of a unique Cross Keys VIP Card.


Expiring  in December 2016 the Cross Keys VIP card entitles you a huge 15% discount off food as often as you choose to come, and with up to 3 additional dining guests!


The card costs just £25.


Visit with three friends and you could get this back, and more, on your first visit and still have the rest of 2016 to enjoy it.


All VIP cards owners will also enjoy a complimentary daily cup of coffee as part of a warm welcome at any of our sister businesses, plus we will be regularly be offering VIP card holders  exclusive special events.


We strongly recommend you pass this offer of a VIP card on to your friends so that they will want to take you out rather than the other way around!


Your card will be available from The Cross Keys on production of your VIP card voucher and can be used as soon as it is activated at www.theoldcrosskeys.co.uk/vip

Your card is valid from date of registration until the end of 2016 .

We will help you activate your card but this is your responsibility.

The cards residual value is 0.01p.


This VIP card can be used to discount food purchased at the Cross Keys only.

You may use multiple cards per table.

Your VIP card will provide a minimum offer of a 15% discount on all occasions except the days listed below for up to four customers including the card owner. Where more than four guests are dining the lowest cost meals will be discounted.

Days excluded are all bank holidays including (but not limited to) Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and also Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter Sunday.


VIP discount is available all opening hours but not in conjunction with any other offers including, but not limited to, all set menus such as prix fixe, all other deals including coffee and cake deals and any other Innventure or Cross Keys vouchers.

The VIP card may also be used at any of the Innventure businesses for one daily complimentary hot beverage excluding the Cross Keys; Offers at our sister businesses will vary from The Cross Keys and are not included. (Please see card & website for locations) To benefit from the deals offered by sister restaurants the purchase of their VIP card is necessary.

All discounts are subject to your card being presented with your bill and validated by the in house Footfall 123 scanner.

VIP cards are non-transferable.

All rights reserved.